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Letters to My Mentor

- Larry Emdur TV Presenter
“Be nice to everyone and look for the lighter side that's what you always taught me".

— Larry Emdur

- Jacinta Tynan Journalist & Author
“You have empowered me... you have inspired me to strive to for more”.

—Jacinta Tynan

- Ellia Green OAM & Aus Rugby 7's Gold Medalist
“You taught me to be brave when I’m at my most vulnerable”.

— Ellia Green

- Samantha Harris Indigenous Model
“You knew how shy I was and how difficult it was for me being in the public eye as a young girl”.

— Samantha Harris

- Ryan Fitzgerald TV & Radio Personality
“The most important thing you mentored me on making an impression on everyone I encounter in life”.

— Ryan Fitzgerald